Well… so I decided to start a blog… things I like to do (and how I like to do them), maybe an occasional rant, and some life lessons I’ve learned along the way. I enjoy doing things for myself, so that’s the focus I want to have for this site… I love craft beer, so when my in-laws got me a Mr. Beer kit, I got really into homebrewing. I love good coffee… so I started home-roasting coffee beans. One of the greatest things in life is good bread. Seriously. So I started making my own bread… I like barbecue so I got a smoker… the list goes on.

I’m not some new age hippy or something… in fact, I’m far from it. I take pleasure in having control over what I do… and I like doing things to my tastes. Doing things on your own is surprisingly simple… and takes almost the same amount of time as doing something pre-prepared. Some things are a little time-consuming, but I think of them as a hobby so I don’t factor in “time” as a cost. It’s amazing how I have the ability to justify things in my head. So… in the word’s of Geroge Feeny: “Well then. There we are.”

  1. #1 by Robin Jean Marie on March 13, 2012 - 8:19 AM

    Agreed. I use fresh vegetables instead of frozen or canned, and I reheat things on the stove, as my grandma used to do, rather than using a microwave. It doesn’t add a whole lot of extra time, but it does make me feel more in control of what I’m feeding my family and I feel whole lot better for it!

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