Mint Sun Tea

In case the three or four weeks of 100+ degree days wasn’t clear enough… summer is upon us. And, while summer is my least-favorite season, I do enjoy the memories of summer barbecues and weekends at the lake from when I was a kid. I like having those connections… maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m kind of a foodie… every meal, every ingredient sparks a connection to some memory or nostalgic feeling. I like that. And I like iced tea. I remember my pap used to put out a pitcher of sun tea at the lake cottage when we were younger… put it out, let it steep, bring it in. So, in the name of resurrecting summer time memories (and because I have a taste for iced tea), I put out my own pitcher of sun tea today… only with a twist.

Tried to make sun tea… ended up in the shade. #Firstworldproblems

Making sun tea is easy… just take your one gallon glass jug (or a translucent milk jug… or some other closed, clear glass or plastic pitcher), fill it with hot water from the sink, tie five Lipton tea bags together, plop the tea bags in the water in the jug, and let it sit in direct sunlight to steep for three(ish) hours. Just for something different, I walked over to our container herb garden, grabbed about 30 mint leaves off our mint plant, crushed them in my hand and added them to the tea as I brought it outside… voila, mint sun tea. For a little added oomph, you could use loose-leaf tea… like an oolong, a nice green tea, or maybe even milk tea… but, the Lipton bags will work just fine, as well. The mint simple syrup I keep in the fridge is a great (yet potent) sweetener… orange blossom or wildflower honey would be nice, too.

And there’s another way to use the herbs we’re growing!


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