Pulled Pork… in the crock pot.

So the wife and I are craving pulled pork, but I don’t feel like tending a smoker all day. It’s a Sunday. The playoffs are on.  So… crock pot to the rescue! Sure it’s not the same as a pork shoulder that’s been smoking all day, but hey… slather some pork on a bun, plop some coleslaw on top and call me happy. I could see this working well during the work week for a crock pot meal when we get home. Word.

Got a pork butt from Wal-Mart (for as much I’m not on the Wal-Mart band wagon, they have a decent selection of pork butts and shoulders) and rinsed it and cut it in half… yielded probably two three-pound halves. The other half is going in the freezer until the smoker can be brought out of storage this spring.

Pork butt... not a butt at all.

Put the pork butt in the crock pot and cover with Dr. Pepper (or root beer, or ginger ale)… it took about 1 liter. I also threw in a 12 oz bottle of hefeweizen for good measure… but any lightly-hopped beer will work fine. I added 2 tsps of garlic powder, 2 tsps of seasoned salt, 1 tsp paprika, and 10(ish) grinds of black pepper. That’s it… slosh things around so the seasonings get mixed in with the liquid, and set the crock pot to cook all day. Might be a good idea to flip the shoulder half way.

Once the meat is super tender and cooked through, and the liquid has reduced, take the shoulder out and… ahem… pull the meat. Pull it. Have the wife help… it’ll be done more quickly. Shred it up.  Use two forks… rip and shred. Optionally, you could skim the fat and boil the liquid to make some barbecue sauce (probably would want to add a little ketchup or tomato paste, and a squirt or scoop of your favorite mustard) … or just squirt on your favorite bbq sauce and call it a day. I like my sandwiches with a scoop of mayonnaise-based coleslaw on top. Some people like pickles. Some people like nothing but the sweet succulent pork… whatever tickles your pickle.


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