UPDATE: Cask Beer

This is an addendum to my Cask Beer post


First, after looking into cask beers a little more in an effort to find a directory or listing, it seems there’s a few reported incidents of “simulated” cask beer… bars are portraying cask beer by using beer engines to pour regular old keg beer… and of course, likely charging premium prices for the “cask” beer. The scam was figured it out when someone excitedly-reported seeing cask-conditioned Fuller’s ESB being served at some bar back in 2008… trouble was, Fuller’s Brewery (on jolly ole Chiskwick Lane South, in London) wasn’t shipping cask beer “across the pond” to the U.S. in 2008. PHONIES! So be leery… if you’re at a bar more infamous for being a nightlife hook-up spot than for pouring quality beers, think twice about seeking out a delicious cask beer.

Now to the good news…

A directory was located… check out this site for a listing of places where cask beer is available. Not sure when it was last updated, but it’s a great start to find some good beer:


And a resource for good craft brew and micro brew pubs… I look this site over whenever I am travelling to a new place to scout out the good pubs:


Lastly… props to one of the best craft brew bars in all the land… the International Tap House (aka “iTap”) in Soulard in St. Louis, MO… for taking the cask beer initiative! They actually bought four firkins… they send the firkins to the brewery, the brewery fills the firkins as it would a normal keg, then the filled firkins get delivered BACK to iTap with the regular beer delivery. Awesome. There’s an article on the whole cask effort on the Hip Hops section of the St Louis Post-Dispatch‘s website… “We know there is a demand and delight for cask beer, so we are making every effort to bring as many unique casks as we can to the bars,” iTap co-owner Sean Conroy says. “It’s yet another costly commitment iTap is making to improve the craft-beer scene in St. Louis. The margins are low, but the reward we feel is exceptional.” True that.


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  1. #1 by PubQuest (@pubquest) on August 21, 2011 - 3:26 PM

    thanks for the PubQuest plug! we have every craft brewery location in the U.S. and Canada – over 2,500! cheers!

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